Renewal of SGLS Certification

How do I renew my Green Label ceritification

All of your product certifications will be shown under “My Products”. Locate the product certification that is expiring, and click on the “Renew”. The product will now be reflected in the tab under “Pending”

When do I renew my SGLS certification which is going to expire soon?

It is advisable to renew your SGLS certification at least 1-2 month prior to the expiry of your certification.

Do I need to renew my product certification every year?

Certification of products under the SGLS is done on a yearly basis. However, the renewal of SGLS product certification is at the discretion of the client. The renewal fee is S$1000 per product for 1 year.


Does the SGLS Secretariat test products?

No, we do not test products. We only accept test reports from accredited, third party test laboratories. In the case of Singapore, we accept test reports from SINGLAS accredited laboratories.

Does the SGLS Secretariat bear the cost of testing of the products in the laboratory?

The SGLS Secretariat does not bear the cost of testing of products. The cost is to be borne by the company applying for SGLS product certification.

Does the SGLS Secretariat accept in-house test reports?

The SGLS Secretariat accepts test reports only from accredited, third party test laboratories.

I have to renew my certification on an annual basis. Does that mean that I will have to send my product for re-testing every year?

There will be no need to send the product for testing on a yearly basis as we accept test reports dated back up to 5 years from the date of certification/renewal. Do send your products for testing again after 5 years.

Can I use test reports from overseas for the Singapore Green Label application?

Yes, we will be able to accept test reports from overseas, provided that they are conducted by a third party, accredited test laboratory in their respective countries.

The SGLS Secretariat has revised some of the SGLS product categories recently. For my new application, I had tested for the product under the old criteria. Will I have to conform to the new criteria and send my products for additional testing?

All new product applications will have to conform to the new criteria and send for additional product testing if required. Existing product certifications will be afforded a one year period for adjustment to conform to the revised product category.

I have 200 products under the same series with the same composition. There are only slight variations in the designs and colours of the products. Can I certify the whole series under a single SGLS certification?

We are unable to certify the whole series in a single SGLS certification to ensure transparency, credibility and the reliability of the SGLS. Please contact us for further assessment of your product series.


What is meant by 'Product Brand Name' and 'Model'?

Product Brand Name refers to the distinct name given to identify the product you are certifying under the SGLS. Model refers to the code you assign to a specific type of your product which you are certifying under the SGLS.

I encounter problems filling up the online application form. What should I do?

You may want to check that all fields with (*) are filled. If you still encounter problems, please contact the SGLS Secretariat at 6337 6062 for assistance.

What happens if a product application is submitted with a request for rapid/express processing without a complete set of documentation?

The applicant has to a complete set of documents to accompany the application form . Processing of documents for certification will only commence when the SGLS Secretariat has received the full set of documents. Payment will only be required for successful applications.

I would like to apply for SGLS certification. However my product does not seem to be eligible to be certified under any of the SGLS product categories listed on the website?

You may contact the SGLS Secretariat, who can advise you on the appropriate product category after making a detailed assessment of your product.

Is it necessary to fill in the Brand, Description and Model in the SGLS application form?

The SGLS Secretariat would require these fields to be filled in to facilitate a seamless processing of your application.

I believe that my product fits into one or more of the SGLS product categories. Which criteria should I follow?

Please contact the SGLS Secretariat. The SGLS Secretariat will assess your product and advise you on the most appropriate SGSL product category.

How can I apply for the Singapore Green Label certification?

Application for the Singapore Green Label can be submitted online at www.sec.org.sg/sgls/sgls/applcation. Please feel free to contact the SGLS Secretariat if you have queries on the application process.

How long will the SGLS application process take?

Normal processing takes 4-5 weeks from the moment the SGLS Secretariat receives the application form accompanied with a complete set of supporting documents. The SGLS Secretariat offers optional services which come at an extra cost: (1) Express processing: ~3 working days; (2) Rapid processing: ~7 working days

General Information about SGLS

Is the Singapore Green Label recognised internationally?

Yes, the Singapore Green Label is recognised internationally. The SGLS Secretariat has certified more than 2,600 products in more than 22 countries. The Singapore Green Label is a type 1 eco label. What exactly is a type 1 eco label? The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines type 1 eco- labels as a voluntary, multiple-criteria based, third party program that awards a license that authorises the use of environmental labels on products indicating overall environmental preferability of a product within a particular product category based on life cycle considerations.

Does SGLS certify the company or the products?

The SGLS only certifies products. The SGLS does not certify the companies who own the products.

How do you define a Green Product? Does the Singapore Green Label Logo certify that my product is Green?

The SGLS Secretariat recognises green products based on a life cycle approach. The Singapore Green Label is a type 1 eco-label. It addresses the main environmental impact of a given product and places limits for compliancy in order to reduce these impact. In order to certify a product under the SGLS, a product must be placed under one of the SGLS product categories and meet ALL the requirements for the specified product category. The SGLS Secretariat does not certify products based on their energy efficiency or any other single environment benefits alone. The overall aspects of a product includingraw material composition, manufacturing process, health impacts and product disposal, are considered.

Is it compulsory that I attain the Singapore Green Label for my products in Singapore?

No, the Singapore Green Label is a voluntary scheme. However, the Singapore Green Label is a great asset and marketing tool for products. Furthermore, many development projects in Singapore now require products to be Green Label certified in order to gain endorsement under the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Scheme.

What is the difference between the SGLS and the Singapore Green Mark scheme?

The SGLS is administered by the Singapore Environment Council, which certifies green products. The Singapore Green Mark scheme is administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and certifies green buildings. The BCA recognises the Singapore Green Label and awards points to Green Label certified products. These points contribute towards the building attaining Green Mark certification.

Are there rules governing the usage of the Singapore Green Label?

Yes, the usage of the Singapore Green Label is regulated by the terms and conditional clauses stated in the Singapore Green Label User Agreement. The Singapore Green Label User Agreement will be awarded upon thesuccessful approval of the application and receipt of payment.

I have already obtained a Green Label from overseas; can it be used to certify my products under the SGLS?

At present, the SGLS Secretariat does not mutually recognise eco-labels from other countries. However, you may choose to submit test documents used from other overseas applications for assessment to the SGLS Secretariat.

How do I check whether a product is certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS)?

All Green Label products can be found under the SGLS directory at http://www.sec.org.sg/sgls. You can search by brand or model name of the product. The name of the company certifying the product will also be reflected in the directory.

I have obtained certification for my product under the SGLS. Can I print the Singapore Green Label Logo on my name cards and product brochures?

The Singapore Green Label logo can be used on the product, the product packaging and brochures, and has to comply with the SGLS Brand Guidelines. Please seek approval from the SGLS Secretariat for the usage of the Singapore Green Label logo on other marketing collaterals.


When do I make payment for my Green Label application?

Payment is to be made only after you have received an invoice from the SGLS Secretariat. Please do not pay before receiving the invoice.

When can I receive my Green Label certificate?

The Green Label certificate will be issued only when payment has been received by the SGLS Secretariat. You may need to wait for approximately 3 working days for the payment to be processed and the issuance of the certificate.


What is 'My Account'?

This is a portal available to all existing applicants of the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme. They will be able to do the following • Update their company details • Change the details on contact person • Submit a new application • Renew their certification • Upload Product image and Test report • View the progress of application

Can I appoint another person in my company to manage the account?

As all product certificates and details are listed in “My Account”, we will encourage companies to identify specific personnel to manage and update the account.

Who will have access to 'My account'?

The login details will only be sent to the email address which is registered with us during the initial Green Label application. If your company wishes to change the point of contact, they can always email us at greenlabel@sec.org.sg.

I have lost my User ID/ Password. Who can I contact?

If you forget your User ID, you may email us at info@sec.org.sg , with your request and stating your company name.

I will like to change the details of my product. Where do I change this?

Image and supporting documents of your product can be changed if it is still pending certification. You could login to your account, go under “My Products”, click on the “Pending” tab, and change the details by clicking on “Edit”. You will have to contact the SGLS secretariat if you wish to make changes to other details.

I am unable to renew. Why is that so?

Renewal can only be done 3 months before expiry, and 3 months afterwards. Thus, the “Renew” tab will not be available until then. If the certification is not renewed after 3 months, a new application will have to be made.