Launch of Casio Green Label certified projectors

11 December 2015

Mr Kavickumar, Head (Eco-Certifications)/Lead Environmental Engineer of Singapore Environment Council, and Mr Watanabe Shunichi, Managing Director of Casio Singapore Pte Ltd, celebrating the successful green-label certification of Casio's range of projectors as environmentally friendly under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS). As part of Casio's greening efforts, we gave a presentation on our Green Label certification scheme to 90 guests on 11 December 2015.

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Haze Declaration: List of companies that have declared

27 November 2015

Declaration Update: As of 27 November 2015, there are 145 companies that have come forward to make the declaration.

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18 November 2015

SEC is proud to announce that our Executive Director, Mr Edwin Seah has been appointed to the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) Board of Directors, together with other global advocates in the green movement.

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Singapore Hotel Association steps forward to join battle against haze

03 November 2015

The Singapore Hotel Association (SHA) has stepped forward to support the stand to commit to responsible sourcing of paper and/or pulp materials from sustainable sources.

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Singapore Environment Council gets elected to Global Ecolabelling Network's Board of Directors

30 October 2015

Singapore's most recognised ecolabel, the Green Label, which is administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), received a global boost with its election........

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28 October 2015

The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) today signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the Japan Environment Association (JEA) ......

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Joint Press Statement with CASE as of 7 Oct 2015

07 October 2015

SEC and CASE step up engagement efforts by getting leading supermarkets, pharmacies, furniture retailers to declare that their wood, paper and/or pulp materials are procured from sustainable sources

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Joint press statement with CASE

05 October 2015

Joint press statement: List of companies declared to have their wood, paper and/or pulp materials procured from sustainable sources not contributing to the haze

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Featured Product:Joutn certified products

20 September 2015

Featured Product:Joutn SGLS Certified Products

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Singapore Green Label certifies 3,000th product

09 September 2015

Singapore Green Label certifies 3,000th product

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