Revision of Paper Criteria

After months of intensive stakeholder consultation, we are pleased to announce that our revised Paper criteria will be effective on 11 April 2016.

The following paper products will be covered within the scope of the new criteria:

  • Printing, hygiene, stationery & office automation papers, folios and reels.
  • Products up to 300 gsm supplied in cut reams and used for digital printing, desktop publishing and photocopying in an office environment.
  • Printed paper products, such as newspaper, advertising materials, magazines and journals, with at least 90% paper content by weight. Inserts, covers and any other printed paper on the product shall be considered to be part of the printed paper product.
  • Products made of newspapers, magazines, supplements, catalogue and prospectuses.

Some of the criteria covered within the paper category, not withstanding zero burning during land clearing and protection of forests with high conservation value, include:

Life Cycle Assessment & Health and Environmental Protection

  1. Environmental and Occupational Safety, Health and Quality management practices of the manufacturer
  2. Hazardous substances used,
  3. Bleaching and complexing agents used,
  4. Dyes, pigments and coatings used
  5. Cleaning solvents
  6. Water Discharge
  7. Air emissions
  8. Energy efficiency and waste management

Resource Conservation

  1. Fibre-based products
  • -Independent third-party certifications verifying source of wood used in pulp according to the type of fibre
  1. Recyclability of finished products

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