Certification Renewal

Renewal application can be made 3 months prior to expiry of certificate

To renew your existing certified products under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS), please follow the below stated guidelines:

  1. Declaration letter for any change in product and manufacturing processes.
    • If there are no change in product and manufacturing processes, you would need to provide us with a declaration letter specifying there is no change in product per original declaration.
  2. ISO certificate from the manufacturer
  3. Valid test reports from nationally accredited third-party test laboratories.
  4. Login to your Account for the online renewal

Please take note of the following:

  • For expiring certificates, if application is not received by SEC 90 days after expiry date, it would be deemed as a new application; or
  • If all retest certificates cannot reach SEC to allow completion of assessment within 30 days from expiry date (provided application is already received by SEC 30 days prior to expiry date), it would be deemed as a new application; and SEC will issue a 2nd invoice for the fee difference.
  • In the event that categories had been revised to meet to meet new ISO and GEN requirements, the product needs to fulfil all revised category criteria at the point of renewal application.

You are strongly encouraged to submit a renewal application two (2) to three (3) months prior to expiry to enjoy continued endorsement (no later than 30 days prior to expiry date). Products seeking renewal after the expiration date of the certification would be considered as new application.

The Singapore Green Label logo would need to be removed from applicant website and product packaging immediately upon certificate expiry date if a renewal application has not been lodged with SEC 30 days prior to expiry date.


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Contact us at 6337 6062 or email greenlabel@sec.org.sg if you have any enquiries on your application.


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