Renewal Process

Please renew all registered products four (4) weeks prior to expiry to enjoy continued endorsement. Products seeking renewal after the expiration date of the certification will be subject to a penalty fees as stated within the 'Late Renewal Penalty' Fees section of this page below.

If you would like to renew your existing endorsed products under the under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) please follow the below stated guidelines:

  1. Kindly submit a declaration letter for any change in content/composition of your product to be renewed.
  2. We would also need your manufacturing plant to furbish us with the ISO 14001 or declare a letter of intent to apply for it within 2 years of the renewal of your product.
  3. Login to ''My'Account'' to renew your product.

Please refer to Licensing & Fees for further information on Product / User Licensing and Fees associated with application submissions above.

Late Renewal Penalty Fees:

Two Weeks or More - 25% of the total renewal feel for all certified products

One (1) Month or more - Additional 50% of the total renewal feel for all certified products

Three (3) Months - New Application is required


Click on the BEGIN GREEN LABEL RENEWAL BUTTON below wehn you are ready to begin the application

Begin Green Label Renewal

Contact us at 6337 6062 or email if you have any enquiries on your application.


Green Label mailing address and contact information:

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