Benefits of Green Labels

The Green Label is widely recognised by ministries, governmental agencies, procurement and industry professionals in Singapore and regionally.

Our certified products meet stringent standards in being environmentally friendly.

The Green Label makes it easy for purchase and procurement by those who choose products on environmental grounds.

Reduce Environmental Impact
Choosing Green Label certified products will contribute to mitigating the   impact of your business on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Having Green Label certified products aids in improving your corporate image and  differentiating yourself from your counterparts.

Gain a competitive advantage
Over the years, consumers has become more awareof the environmental issuses and the impact their purchases would have on the environment . This greater awareness has led to increasing consumer and industrial demands for green products & services. Getting your products certified would allow you to better market your products.

Save on Energy Consumption
Achieve long term cost savings by conserving on  energy, water, and waste management with sustainably manufactured products.