Certification Benefits



The Singapore Green Label is widely recognised by ministries, governmental agencies, procurement and industry professionals within the region.



Granted creditability through the Global Ecolabelling Network International Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENICES) accreditation by Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), conformance to ISO 14024 & ISO 17065 standards.

The Singapore Green Label is a Type 1 Ecolabel. A Type 1 Ecolabel is an ecolabel that is life cycle-based and verified by a third party. It addresses the main environmental impacts of a given product and places limits for compliancy in order to reduce these impacts. This means that Singapore Green Label certified products do not just take into account the impact on the consumer’s end, but it also takes into account the use of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing and packaging of the product. Thus, Singapore Green Label certified products will not be susceptible to ‘green-washing’ due to its robust criteria, which assures consumers and aids them in making more well-informed purchasing decisions.


New Market Opportunities

Singapore Green Label certified products would find it easier to get certified in other GEN member countries, and market their products overseas. We are currently working with other GEN members to make Singapore Green Label certified products more recognisable by other GEN members.


Gain a competitive advantage

Over the years, consumers have become more aware of the environmental issues and the impact their purchases would have on the environment. This greater awareness has led to increasing consumer and industrial demands for green products & services. Getting your products certified would allow you to better market your products in a society who is demanding that businesses adopt more sustainable practice.

Having Singapore Green Label certified products aids in improving your corporate image and differentiating yourself from your counterparts.


Reduce Environmental Impact

Choosing Singapore Green Label certified products will contribute to mitigating the impact of your business on the environment. The SGLS certification process follows the life cycle assessment approach, not just taking into consideration the impact of the end-user but also the product’s manufacturing process, labelling and use of raw materials.


Cost Savings

Increase efficiency of manufacturing practices by removing redundant processes, thus leading to cost savings in energy and water usage in the sustainably-manufactured product.