This category establishes criteria to label Carpets. This category includes broadloom carpets as well as modular tile carpets for both commercial and residential use.  They include materials made of:

  1. polymer and high polymer, 
  2. modular carpets which include nylon (both type 6 and 6.6) and nylon blends, 
  3. olefin (polypropylene), 
  4. polyester (PET), and acrylic
 It excludes materials like silk, wool fibre blend (such as 80% polymer and 20% wool), wool and artificial turf commonly used for sport fields. 
The label covers the different components of the carpet, from the face fibre, cushion, to the backing and the adhesives used in the manufacture and installation phase.

Some of the key environmental criterion would include:

  1. Recyclability,
  2. Energy and water management during production,
  3. water discharge and  air emissions during production 

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